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Energy Artistry
we are what we perceive

In person sessions are available by request. Please contact me directly for more information. 

New location coming soon! 


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Self Exploration is Spiritual Connection

Jennie Rose aka The Copper Priestess

I'm an Ordained Priestess in the Order of Melchizedeck, and I'm a certified Reiki III Master trained by the Integrated Energy Medicine Institute of Milford CT.

I'm also trained and certified in therapeutic dream analysis, shamanic and elemental healing practices, and shamanic divination techniques. I am a budding herbalist currently enrolled in the Alchemical and Vitalist Herbalism programs offered by the School of Evolutionary Herbalism


Photo by Brian Morringiello


What a Reiki session with Jennie was like for me...

       I’ve had two sessions, one remote and one in person, and they are different; I’ll explain. 

       The distant Reiki session was done while I was still sleeping, I was across the continent and Jennie planned a time in my sleep cycle to perform the Reiki when it would be early morning for me. I was in a lighter sleep, it was like a meditation, maybe they’re similar places, but it felt like I was swimming in a pool of peace and looking at parts of myself that I had missed and was happy to see. I don’t remember much because I was asleep, but it felt like I was dreaming and then I fell into a deep sleep after the Reiki session, awoke, and felt like I was finally awake, not tired, didn’t need or want to stay in bed; I was full of life and I was ready to use it. 

       The in-person Reiki session felt so amazing I didn’t want it to end! It was so soothing to lay there on the table, peaceful music playing, stones and calming smells all around; I was ready to let some baggage go. I was ready to finally be at peace with some internal drama that I had carried with me for some time. And Jennie helped facilitate that as she read my body and my energy field, and knew intuitively where to focus the Reiki. It felt warm, like there were heating pads over my body and I felt like for once in my life I could really relax and be ready to feel things I had hidden inside. And then my mind slowed into a dreamlike state and after what felt like forever and no time all at once, I felt a natural pull back to reality. Slowly at first, then fully back. I moved my body around and opened my eyes and felt like I could see clearer, like I felt lighter. I knew we did some work, and I was so grateful for the opportunity to support my healing and growth. 

Thank you Jennie

             Much love,

Lauren Z.

Telephone: 203-954-6425

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