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What is Energy Work, really?

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

And what is it supposed to do for me?

To state it concisely; energy work is a tool that can help you to relax, refocus, and find inspiration to pursue the things that you are desire to do in this life.

Energy work is not a magical reset button or a woo-woo, revelatory way to fix all of your mental, physical and emotional ailments.

Energy work is a way to help heal yourself if you are willing to venture down that path.

Some things I have noticed while traveling down this path myself -

1. Healing will not happen unless an individual chooses to do their own work to grow.
2. All growth is change.
3. Healing happens through the motivations of deep desire and patient acceptance.
3. Healing through energy work is not a quick fix or another numbing agent. In fact, in order to help facilitate growth and healing, practicing energy work often opens up old wounds and all of the feelings attached to them.

While it is true that different practitioners use different tools, metaphors, and rituals to address the energetic elements of their clients, the main goal is by and large the same; to reaffirm or help explain a persons position in their own life and build a bridge between the conscious and unconscious elements of our human existence.

Who is Energy Work Useful For?

Energy work can be a great help for those who, on some level, realize that they have lost touch with their core, with their unconscious or intuitive levels of perceptions, but can't quite see how to reconnect to these and continue with their growth.

By facilitating an energy work healing session, the practitioner has the opportunity to sift through and clear layers of unconscious messages that have gone unheard. Through this sifting and probing through a client’s energetic field, the practitioner can uncover the individual’s unadulterated energy frequencies. That is, the energetic blueprint of their core. By tapping in and giving their client a lead to go off of, the energy worker helps guide the receiver towards the best way to address the imbalances that are made manifest in their life.

Energy work covers a broad spectrum of practices that include more mainstream methods like acupuncture, massage, herbalism, and chiropractic, and extends into more obscure or specialized methods like divinatory readings, sound healing, reiki, crystal therapies, guided meditative journeys, and even plant induced journeys.

The reflections on these fringe health practices and how well they work will vary greatly. That is because the efficacy of any given practice depends on the subjective experience of the participant. The dominant healthcare ideologies of our day are material and reductionist. Psychological care is something completely separate because there is nothing physical to it. I believe that this separation is a grave mistake that we will be forced to realize as we continue to see temporary relief from band-aid medical care rather than regenerative, empowering healing practices.

Energy work exists between the realm of the physical and the intangible. It is slippery and ephemeral. It does not need a culture to prove that it exists in a 'controlled environment' for it to go on existing and producing results in people who are able to see them. Energy work allows humans to merge the experiential with the spectral, the body with the spirit, the heart with the mind.

It is ancient, powerful, and in many ways inexplicable. It is a feeling, a subjective experience and a journey and it is as nuanced and unique as each individual embarking on that journey.

So far, little serious research has been done to determine the physical workings of what is called energy work. And yet, individuals have seen and experienced that, some how, it does work. Participate in the mystery, and you will find surprises and synchronicities around every corner.


In-between the Conscious and Unconscious

When people use practices and tools that ease the habitual, reductionist mind into letting go of the reins for a while there is suddenly a clear space in which the body/mind/spirit triad can communicate in a new way. While our logical, linear mind can put pieces together to form a summary of experience, the intuitive, creative mind operates on receptivity, spontaneity, and freedom of expression. It is necessary to balance our active powers with the too often stifled power of reception. If we back off from the repetition that action oriented efficiency always leads us into, we can access novel perceptions, solutions, and quiet intuitive guidance.

Given that our subconscious or unconscious is a collection of every experience that has affected our perception of life thus far, accessing this space within ourselves can foster the release of any blocks, traumas, motivations, and desires that are not conducive to our personal evolution.

Since we live in a physical reality and simply must go to work, feed the dog, drive the car, and pay the bills, our logical, conscious mind does not maintain an active awareness of our formative and/or traumatic memories at all times. However the unconscious depths of our mind contains all of these formative experiences as well as how they are affecting us now. The logical space we put so much emphasis on in our culture also works to protect us from the realization of some of these deeply rooted, painful, and confusing memories.

It can be said that our unconscious mind is largely non-verbal and non-linear, and that it retains information and memories in the form of images, emotions, and even physical sensations. By contrast, the conscious mind relies on logically structured information that comes from a linear perception of time and space. Because of this difference, it can be difficult to translate the raw, un-categorized, imagist or somatic knowledge from the unconscious mind over to our conscious mind where we can begin to contextualize it.

I believe that this is only so difficult because we have become untrained in the language and ways of our mute, intuitive mind. Everyone has the ability to tune in to the subtle messages of their body and of their silent, unconscious mind. When we tune in like this, we are able to utilize the dormant wisdom waiting there and make sometimes miraculous changes to our identities and our lives.

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